Almond Oil

This Almond Oil is handcrafted in Woodland, California following a strict 150-year-old French traditional method. It’s the best way to retain all the flavours, nutrients and health benefits that nature provides.

Roasted Almond oil adds a subtle almond taste to any dish and gives a fresh touch to your meal, transforming the ordinary into extra-ordinary. The oil reveals subtle nuances when combined with other ingredients. Its delicate character makes it a good substitute for olive oil. When combined with any salad, fish, or vegetable dish, almond oil helps complete a gourmet meal.




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Ideas for Use

Fry panko breaded chicken in Almond oil for a delicate, nutty flavour that will take your chicken dish from good to great.

Combine with Black Cherry Dark Balsamic to dress a blue cheese and slivered almond salad.

This oil is a popular addition to cookies, cakes, and shortbread… it is absolutely wonderful on all baked goods. Almond oil is a subtle, unique, fresh addition to seasoning, dressings, sauces, and marinades. It suits pasta, potatoes, beans, chicken, and duck perfectly.


Almond Oil can also be used as a substitute in:

Nutritional Info

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