Habanero and Honey Specialty Vinegar

The sweet and sour notes of our honey vinegar base are beautifully balanced by an assertive kick of habanero. The flavour complexity of this vinegar shines through in stir frys, vinaigrettes, fresh salsas, and more. Even simply drizzling this condimento over chilled slices of watermelon or pineapple creates an unforgettable dish.

This vinegar does contain balsamic, but since it is organic balsamic, there is no use of added sulphites in its production. On their own, grapes contain a minute amount of natural sulphites, the level of which isn’t high enough to show up in the final product, making this vinegar certifiably sulphite-free.

Sulphite Free!




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Ideas for Use

Combine with Chipotle Infused EVOO for an amazing BBQ marinade.

Combine with Sesame Oil and some soya sauce for a sensational beef and vegetable stir-fry.

Combine with Persian Lime Infused EVOO to baste shrimp or chicken kabobs while grilling.

Combine with your favourite Frescolio olive oil to create a stand-out vinaigrette for leafy greens, summer squash, wild rice, quinoa, and grain salads.


Nutritional Info

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