Basil Infused EVOO



This delicate Varietal extra virgin olive oil is kissed by the bright and bold flavour of fresh basil oil extract. The vibrant and complex aroma and flavour of freshly chopped basil leaves are unequivocal. This bestselling olive oil beautifully enhances pasta, tomato-based soups, grilled vegetables, and soft cheeses. Use it as a base for a vibrant and flavourful arugula or spinach pesto, drizzle it over homemade tomato soup, and use it to sauté, grill or roast vegetables, especially eggplant.

Ideas for Use

Brush on Italian bread, especially focaccia or ciabatta then grill.

Drizzle over chopped fresh tomatoes for bruschetta and finish with Traditional 18 Year Aged Dark Balsamic.

Spread whipped ricotta cheese over a slice of grainy bread and drizzle with Basil Infused EVOO.

Toss with whole wheat pasta, peas, and roasted asparagus.

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