Strawberry Dark Balsamic Vinegar

Made in Italy with a Tuscan strawberry purée that is added to our rich Traditional 18 Year aged dark balsamic creating a flavour explosion of sweet and tart strawberries that perfectly balances the rich, pruney, and jammy balsamic base. It shines with fruity notes that make it the perfect pairing for just about any of our EVOOs. Our staff and customers love pairing Strawberry balsamic with Basil Infused EVOO to make the most delicious vinaigrette for kale, spinach, or arugula salad. The same combination is just as good when used as a marinade for grilled chicken.




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Ideas for Use

Reduce and use as a syrup on pancakes, waffles, or French toast.

Drizzle over goat cheese crostinis.

Drizzle over ice cream with or without fresh berries.

Add a couple of tablespoons to your favourite smoothie.


Strawberry Dark Balsamic can also be used as a substitute in:

Nutritional Info

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