Chocolate Dark Balsamic Vinegar



Torino is known throughout Italy for its high quality chocolate and coffee. Aceto Varvello blends high quality cocoa (whole ingredient) with our Traditional 18 Year Aged dark balsamic to create our newest incarnation of Chocolate balsamic. The flavour is enormous and similar to wine; you will notice sophisticated mid-notes and a long finish that one would expect from high quality chocolate. This vinegar’s fruity and pruney center notes pair perfectly and infuse the chocolate flavour into your favourite recipes. Use for marinating meats such as slow-cooked pulled pork or braised meats. Pair this balsamic with Chipotle evoo  to make a perfect mole sauce or mix with Blood Orange evoo or Walnut oil to make a delicious marinade. Fine cheeses and gelato are enhanced by this one of a kind vinegar. Did we mention that it is to die for in chocolate martinis?

Ideas for Use

Combine with any spicy infused olive oil for a Mexican mole or marinade for beef, pork, and poultry.

Drizzle over fresh fruit, ice cream, or whipped cream.

Drizzle over Blood Orange olive oil brownies.

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