Blueberry Dark Balsamic Vinegar

This luscious blueberry infusion is just as amazing over a garden salad as it is over a fruit salad. The nose of this vinegar is true to fruit: aromatic, ripe blueberries with sweet accents and juicy blueberry flavour. When paired with a Mild Intensity Varietal, the intense blueberry flavour shines through.




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Ideas for Use

Try this balsamic as a substitute for maple syrup.

Reduce it and use it as a glaze for roasted chicken.

It is fantastic when combined with Lemon Infused EVOO to make a spinach and pear salad vinaigrette, and is a wonderful complement to blue and feta cheeses.


Blueberry Dark Balsamic can be used as a substitute in:

Nutritional Info

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