Side Dishes Recipes

Fresh Zucchini Pickles
Tortellini Salad
Baklouti Cheddar Cornbread
Truffled Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese
Rosemary Grilled Lamb Kabobs
Baklouti Latke Waffles
Apricot Basil Chicken Salad
Mussels with Mezcal, Cream, and Tarragon
Chilled Cucumber Soup with Smoked Sea Salt
Asiago and White Truffle Mashed Potatoes
Spicy Sweet Italian Peppers pickled in Jalapeno White Balsamic Vinegar
Lemon Fused EVOO Cornmeal Cake
Hannah's Coconut and Lime Shrimp
Roasted Hasselback Potatoes
Confit of Tomatoes, Peppers & Sweet Red Onions
Vietnamese Fresh Shrimp Spring Rolls
Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Fused EVOO & Parmesan
Fall Greens Spanakopita with Garlic Infused EVOO
Spanish Tortilla with Caramelized Onions & Thyme
Truffle Mac & Cheese
Cinnamon-Pear Balsamic Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Potato, Cucumber and Tomato Salad
Baklouti, Basil, and Cilantro Chili Shrimp